Besides the national Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards certificates, the top wines were also selected in the different categories identified for the Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards.

2019 Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards category winners are:

Breedekloof District including wards
Top Red Blend: 2017 Deetlefs Familie Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Pinotage/Petit Verdot
Top Sémillon: 2018 Deetlefs Familie Sémillon
Top Malbec: 2015 Deetlefs Signature Malbec
Top White Blend: 2018 Deetlefs Voyage 3566.1
Top Pinotage: 2017 Flagstone Writer's Block Pinotage
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2016 Mariëtte Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Chenin Blanc: 2017 Mariëtte Chenin Blanc
Top Pinot Blanc: 2018 Mariëtte Pinot Blanc
Top Shiraz: 2015 Mariëtte Syrah
Top Muskadel: 2017 Slanghoek Hanepoot Jerepigo
Top Noble Late Harvest: 2016 Slanghoek NLH
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2019 Slanghoek Private Selection Sauvignon Blanc
Top Natural Sweet: NV Slanghoek Vinay Vin Rosé

Calitzdorp District
Top Port: 2013 Boplaas Cape Vintage
Top Touriga Nacional: 2017 De Krans Touriga Nacional
Top Red Blend: 2016 De Krans Tritonia Calitzdorp Blend

Cape Agulhas District
Top Red Blend: 2017 Lomond Belladona SMV
Top Shiraz: 2015 Lomond Cat's Tail Shiraz
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2017 Lomond Sugarbush Sauvignon Blanc

Cederberg Ward
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2017 Cederberg Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Chenin Blanc: 2017 Cederberg Five Generations Chenin Blanc
Top Shiraz: 2017 Cederberg Shiraz
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2018 Driehoek Ludic Sauvignon Blanc
Top Pinot Noir: 2018 Driehoek Mieke Pinot Noir

Ceres Plato District
Top Chardonnay: 2018 De Grendel Op die Berg Chardonnay
Top Shiraz: 2015 Koelfontein Shiraz

Darling District including wards
Top White Blend: 2018 Darling Cellars Lady Ann Darling
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2017 Fleur du Cap Series Priveé Sauvignon Blanc
Top Cabernet Franc: 2014 Ondine Cabernet Franc
Top Grenache: 2016 Ondine Grenache
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2015 Ormonde Barrel Selected Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Chardonnay: 2014 Ormonde Barrel Selected Chardonnay
Top Chenin Blanc: 2017 Ormonde Single Vineyard Chip off the Old Block Chenin Blanc
Top Shiraz: 2015 Ormonde Single Vineyard Chip off the Old Block Shiraz
Top Red Blend: 2013 Ormonde Vernon Basson

Elgin District
Top Chardonnay: 2017 Almenkerk Chardonnay
Top Shiraz: 2015 Almenkerk Syrah
Top Merlot: 2015 Elgin Vintners Merlot
Top Pinot Noir: 2016 Elgin Vintners Pinot Noir
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2018 Shannon Elgin Sauvignon Blanc
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2016 South Hill Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Red Blend: 2015 South Hill Vineyards Kevin King Micah
Top Riesling: 2018 Vrede en Lust Early Mist Riesling
Top White Blend: 2018 Vrede en Lust White Mischief

Franschhoek/Franschhoek Valley District
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2017 Dieu Donné Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Red Blend: 2016 Dieu Donné The Cross Collection Shiraz/Viognier
Top White Blend: 2016 Glenwood Grand Duc Sémillon/Sauvignon Blanc
Top Shiraz: 2016 Glenwood Grand Duc Syrah
Top Noble Late Harvest: 2014 Glenwood Noblesse Grand Duc
Top Chardonnay: 2017 Glenwood Vigneron Selection Chardonnay
Top Pinot Noir: 2016 Haute Cabriere Pinot Noir
Top Malbec: 2016 La Couronne Malbec
Top Rosé: 2019 La Couronne Merlot Rosé
Top Shiraz: 2017 La Motte Syrah
Top Shiraz: 2016 La Motte Syrah
Top Merlot: 2017 La Petite Ferme Merlot
Top Viognier: 2018 Lynx Wines Viognier

Elim Ward
Top Shiraz: 2017 De Grendel Elim Shiraz
Top White Blend: 2017 Flagstone Treaty Tree Reserve Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon
Top Pinot Noir: 2017 Ghost Corner Pinot Noir
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2018 Ghost Corner Sauvignon Blanc
Top Sémillon: 2017 Ghost Corner Sémillon

Kaapstad District including wards
Top Malbec: 2016 Bloemendal Waterlily Malbec
Top Shira:z 2017 D’Aria The Soprano Shiraz
Top Pinotage: 2017 De Grendel Amandelboord Pinotage
Top Port: 2017 Groot Constantia Cape Ruby
Top Chardonnay: 2018 Groot Constantia Chardonnay
Top Red Blend: 2016 Groot Constantia Gouverneurs Reserve Red
Top Noble Late Harves: 2016 Groot Constantia Grand Constance
Top MCC: 2017 Groot Constantia MCC
Top Merlot: 2017 Groot Constantia Merlot
Top Rosé: 2018 Groot Constantia Rosé
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2019 Meerendal Sauvignon Blanc
Top Natural Sweet: 2018 Meerendal Sauvignon Blanc Natural Sweet
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2017 Nitida Cabernet Sauvignon
Top White Blend: 2017 Nitida Coronata Integration
Top Pinot Noir: 2017 Nitida Pinot Noir
Top Riesling: 2018 Nitida Riesling
Top Sémillon: 2018 Nitida Sémillon

Lower Duivenhoks River District
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2019 Baleia Sauvignon Blanc

Montagu Ward
Top Chenin Blanc: 2019 Montagu Winery Chenin Blanc
Top Red Blend: 2018 Montagu Winery Merlot/Ruby Cabernet
Top Muskadel: 2018 Montagu Winery White Muscadel

Outeniqua Ward
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2018 De Krans Garden Route Sauvignon Blanc

Paarl District including wards
Top Malbec: 2017 Anura Malbec Reserve
Top Petit Verdot: 2013 Anura Petit Verdot Reserve
Top Shiraz: 2017 Babylonstoren Shiraz
Top MCC: 2014 Babylonstoren Sprankel
Top Viognier: 2018 Babylonstoren Viognier
Top Red Blend: 2017 The Glen Carlou Collection Red Blend
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2017 Glen Carlou Gravel Quarry Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Merlot: 2018 Glen Carlou Merlot
Top Pinot Noir: 2018 Glen Carlou Pinot Noir
Top Chardonnay: 2018 Glen Carlou Quartz Stone Chardonnay
Top Cabernet Franc: 2017 Nelson Lisha Nelson Signature Cabernet Franc

Robertson District including wards
Top Colombard: 2019 Bon Courage André's Fame Colombard
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2016 Bon Courage Inkará Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Shiraz: 2016 Bon Courage Inkará Shiraz
Top MCC: 2011 Bon Courage Jacques Bruére Blanc de Blanc Cap Classique
Top Rosé: 2019 Bon Courage Lady of the House Pinotage Rosé
Top Noble Late Harvest: 2018 Bon Courage NLH
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2019 Bon Courage The Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc
Top Muskadel: 2018 Bon Courage White Muscadel
Top Malbec:  2017 Bushmanspad Estate Malbec
Top Pinot Noir: 2017 Kranskop Pinot Noir
Top Tannat: 2017 Kranskop Tannat
Top Viognier: 2018 Kranskop Viognier
Top Chardonnay: 2018 McGrecor The Golden Shower
Top Chenin Blanc: 2019 McGregor Chenin Blanc
Top Pinotage:  2018 McGregor Pinotage
Top Red Blend: 2017 McGregor The Falling Star
Top Cinsaut: 2017 Rietvallei “Dark Cin” Cinsaut
Top Cabernet Franc: 2014 Rietvallei JMB Cabernet Franc

Stellenbosch District including wards
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2014 Bartinney Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Chardonnay: 2017 Bartinney Chardonnay
Top Shiraz: 2015 Bartinney Montegray Vineyards Syrah
Top White Blend: 2018 Jordan Chameleon Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay
Top Chenin Blanc: 2018 Kaapzicht 1947 Chenin Blanc
Top Cinsaut: 2018 Kaapzicht Skuinsberg Cinsaut
Top Pinotage: 2017 Kaapzicht Steytler Pinotage
Top Red Blend: 2017 Kaapzicht Steytler Vision
Top Merlot: 2017 Lourensford Limited Release Merlot
Top Viognier: 2018 Lourensford Limited Release Viognier
Top MCC: 2014 Lourensford MCC Brut Blanc
Top Gewurztraminer: 2019 Neethlingshof Estate Gewürztraminer
Top Malbec: 2017 Neethlingshof Estate Malbec
Top Noble Late Harvest: 2017 Neethlingshof Estate Maria Noble Late Harvest
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2019 Neethlingshof Estate Sauvignon Blanc

Swartland District including wards
Top Chenin Blanc: 2017 Perdeberg Endura Single Vineyard Chenin Blanc

Tulbagh District
Top Chardonnay:  2018 Waverley Hills Chardonnay
Top Grenache: 2017 Waverley Hills Grenache
Top Shiraz: 2015 Waverley Hills CW Reserve Shiraz
Top Red Blend: 2014 Waverley Hills SMV

Walker Bay District including wards
Top Pinot Noir: 2017 Creation The Art of Pinot Noir
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2016 Springfontein Daredevils' Drums Mashes Extreme
Top Red Blend: 2015 Springfontein Limestone Rocks Gadda da Vida
Top White Blend: 2017 Springfontein Ulumbaza White of Springfontein
Top Chenin Blanc: 2017 Villion Henning Chenin Blanc
Top Cabernet Franc: 2018 Wildekrans Cabernet Franc Barrel Select Reserve
Top MCC: 2015 Wildekrans MCC Chenin Blanc
Top Pinotage: 2016 Wildekrans Pinotage Barrel Select Reserve
Top Shiraz: 2016 Wildekrans Shiraz Barrel Select Reserve

Wellington District including wards
Top Chenin Blanc: 2017 Doolhof Riviersteen
Top Cabernet Franc: 2017 Doolhof Signature Single Vineyard Collection Cabernet Franc
Top Merlot: 2017 Doolhof Signature Single Vineyard Collection Merlot
Top Pinotage: 2017 Doolhof Signature Single Vineyard Collection Pinotage
Top Chardonnay: 2017 Linton Park Estate Chardonnay
Top Malbec:  2018 Mischa Estate Malbec Limited Edition
Top Roussanne: 2018 Mischa Estate Roussanne
Top Shiraz: 2014 Mischa Estate Shiraz
Top Sauvignon Blanc: 2019 Welbedacht Meerkat Sauvignon Blanc
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2016 Welbedacht Wine Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Red Blend: 2007 Welbedacht Wine Estate Hat Trick

Worcester District including wards
Top Chenin Blanc: 2016 De Wet Cellar Single Vineyard Chenin Blanc
Top Rosé: 2018 De Wetshof Estate Lilya
Top Natural Sweet: 2019 Nuy Colombar Effe Soet
Top Cabernet Sauvignon: 2016 Nuy Mastery Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Chardonnay: 2017 Nuy Mastery Chardonnay
Top Pinotage: 2017 Nuy Mastery Pinotage
Top Muskadel: 2006 Nuy Wit Muskadel