“The Terroir Wine Awards are indicative of our country’s ability to compete with the best. This shared ‘can do’ philosophy of achieving success at the highest level is what connects Novare Equity Partners with the awards.” – Derrick Roper


The great wines that portray the inimitability of South Africa’s diverse “terroir”, the French and international term for specific wine growing terrains, are highlighted at the South African Terroir Wine Awards.
The S A Terroir Wine Awards is the brainchild of Marius Labuschagne, renowned wine writer and marketeer from Durbanville. The competition was created to define the various terroir types of the Cape.
Labuschagne saw the gap in 2005 to start the SA Terroir Awards. He transferred the ownership in 2019 to the SA National Wine Show Association, an industry organisation which presents shows on behalf of the SA wine industry where it finds the ideal home for this terroir-driven competition.

Terroir, from the French for terre, meaning “land” is a buzzword in wine circles around the world, possibly often without full comprehension of the concept. Terroir is the basis by which the elements like soil and altitude come together to result in the radically different tastes and characters of wines grown in the same area or region. South Africa can be proud of the wine it produces and top quality terroir it delivers.
Since the strict rules of producing vineyards within a quota system in certain areas were stopped many years ago, many agricultural sites have come to the fore as prime winegrowing areas.
There is a definite increase in producers who want to portray the unique origins of their wines. The Cape winelands feature various areas which yield top quality wines from all cultivars and all styles and with the WO system it is possible to single out wines which truly represent specific soils and climates for evaluation. It is insightful to see annually which terrain yields the best wine from which cultivar.

In past years the Wine and Spirit Board has registered various new wine wards and wine districts after receiving applications from producers in those areas.
The S A Terroir Wine Awards honours the wines which truly portray South Africa’s different wine growing areas. This competition crowns the best wines brought forth by different soil and climatic factors in the different areas. Only products certified as Wine of Origin (WO) from a Single Vineyard, Estate, Ward or District (the latter not including more than one Ward) are eligible for entry. It is one of the world’s most exclusive wine competitions because of the Wine of Origin rules that apply here.


At this event, the Cape winelands’ numerous first rate wine areas are showcased and only wines certified as single-vineyard wines, estate-produced, or wine from a ward or district not divided into more than one ward, may participate.
Entries close:
12 Junie/June 2024
Late Entries close:
21 Junie/June 2024
Submission - Samples:
20 & 21 Junie/June 2024
3-5 Julie/Julie 2024
Awards function
14 Augustus/August 2024

To order labels for your award winning wine as well as District/ Ward Certificates please contact:
Leilanie Zietsman
Tel: 021 863 1599
E-mail: admin@terroirwineawards.co.za


Judging is performed by a panel of experts who are regularly exposed to all the wines from our districts.

The experienced panel judges all the wines blind to test quality and then rank entrants where the National winners are selected in each class. In a final round all the National winners are tasted to award the Top Wine of the show.

Five trophies are awarded for the Top Estate wine, Top Producer, Top Single Vineyard wine, Top Area and Top Wine.

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