The Terroir Wine Awards is being presented for the 18th time this year and has become a leading event on the wine calendar – giving skilful winemakers the opportunity to fully exploit the numerous soil and climate terrains in the Cape winelands to create exceptional wines.

This, according to the chairperson of the SA National Wine Show Association (SANWSA), Christo Pienaar, who says, “Our wine areas are an excellent example of South Africa’s internationally respected agricultural expertise. The top quality wine grapes grown from many cultivars in wide-ranging terrains (terroirs), deliver great wines at these awards.”

Only wines certified by the Wine and Spirit Board (WSB) as wine of origin from a specific ward, a district not divided into more than one ward, an estate-produced wine and single-vineyard wine may be entered for the terroir competition.

The SA Terroir Wine Awards has from the onset been based on the Wine of Origin System introduced in 1973 and the competition is proud to honour the system as such.

Since its inception 50 years ago, 98 wards have been demarcated, 232 units for estate wine production and 1 760 single vineyards registered. Many of the national terroir winners in the past five years, originated from recently demarcated wards.

From all the wines entered for the SA Terroir Wine Awards, a national winner from each cultivar and wine style is named. The top wines from the various cultivars and styles in each of the different areas is also announced. The judges also name the trophy winners from the ranks of the national winners – the latter comprising trophies for the top single-vineyard wine, top wine estate, top terroir producer, top area and overall top wine from all the entries.

Since last year, the SA Terroir Wine Awards are presented in collaboration with the financial partners SA Litho and WinField United SA, while the Ontbytsake programme on KykNET acts as media partner.

SA Litho Label Printers believes that a great product amounts to nothing without great packaging. In today’s competitive retail environment, it really counts to make your first impression a lasting one. “We are proud to be in partnership with the SA Terroir Wine Awards where the top quality and uniqueness of a wine area’s terroir are celebrated together with the winemaking process,” says Dawrian Salies, general manager of SA Litho Label Printers.

WinField United SA provides innovative solutions and is involved with projects that help drive advancement and progress in agriculture. WinField United SA’s marketing chief, Niel Kruger, says, “Our partnership with the SA Terroir competition is important for us to become involved with South Africa’s showcase wines, right from the vineyards to the end-product in the bottle.”

With regard to Ontbytsake as partner, Louis Mclaren, owner and executive producer, says, “The programme is the ideal platform to give our viewers not only the opportunity to get to know choice wines, but at the same time also the winemakers behind these top wines, as well as the delectable dishes prepared in the studio together with the winning wines.”

Entries for the competition this year close on 2 June and late entries 15 June. The delivery of samples for judging will be on 14 and 15 June. Judging takes place on 27 - 30 June and the winners will be announced on 16 August.

Says the founder of the Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards (as it was previously named) and wine legend and eminent wine writer, Marius Labuschagne, “This competition emphasises the Cape winelands’ terroir and versatility to create high quality wines from wide-ranging wine cultivars. The role of the viticulturists, in turn, is highly important to grow the right cultivars in the right terroir and thereby being able to deliver top quality wines.”

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  • WinField United SA is involved with projects to help drive advancement and progress in agriculture. The company places strong emphasis on the importance of scientific data and sustainability for the future. The Curativo company is also part of WinField United SA and conducts scientific tests which can be applied for product registration purposes – a service available for use by the whole industry. Curativo is also intensely involved with WinField United SA’s AnswerPlot project whereby experiments are done to answer certain industry questions and help producers make informed decisions. Another project with which the company is highly involved, is Climate Smart Agriculture through a network of more than 200 weather stations it installed in the Western Cape. These stations provide hyper-localised weather data to producers, while the wider project adds considerable value to the issue of climate change and the impact of climate on crop choices.
  • “Prominent exposure for several wine producers, including new entrants in South Africa, will continuously be given on a weekly basis by the Ontbytsake kykNET channels 144 and 145 in 2023. By joining as sponsor and giving exposure to the SA Terroir competition, we not only give the Ontbytsake followers the opportunity to get to know choice wines, but also meet the winemakers behind them,” says Louis Mclaren.